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Protect-a-Tow is family owned and operated and we pride ourselves in quality workmanship.  I myself have a Motorhome and tow a vehicle behind it.  Over the years I have noticed the debris that collected on the hood, next to the wiper blades and on the front of the windshield.  In addition I found that I spent time and money fixing stone chips on the bumper, hood and windshield and replacing headlights.  I tried several protection devices to overcome this problem, they were either ineffective, difficult to install or too bulky to store after use.  

This led us to develop " Protect-a-Tow" which installs in less than a minute after the initial installation of the eyebolts that accommodate the mounting clips.   I have used it in both summer and winter with excellent results.  "Protect-a-Tow" stores neatly in a supplied compact storage pouch and you will be surprised at the ease of installation and the results with your towed vehicle.

Bruce Trampe

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