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Extra Protection for an extraordinary towed vehicle.......submitted by Larry S. , Washington


The car is a 1966 Amphicar. They were German-built -- about 3,500 imported into the US between 1962 and 1967.  About 200 more were manufactured in 1968, but had to remain in Europe, not meeting US bumper or door-beam standards.  As this vehicle was primarily designed for the US market, the company folded. 

The power plant is the 43hp, 1172cc British Standard Motor (Triumph Herald/early Spitfire).  Rear-engine, rear wheel drive.  The transmission is a special transaxle with a power take-off forward for the 10' twin propellers.  They were identified as the Model 770, indicating 7 in the water and 70 on land.  In actuality, I can do 60 maybe 65 on the freeway and about 7 knots (10 mph) in smooth water.

They are the only commercially produced amphibious vehicle.  Hans Trippel (of VW Schwimvagen fame) was the primary engineer/inventor.  "Driving like a boat & floating like a car"