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Bruce, Just got back from my first trip with the Protect-a-Tow.  Really like the product and much to my surprise it is much easier to install and remove than I had expected.

GREAT PRODUCT!!!   Thanks for your product support.

Ron S, USA
Honda CRV & Beaver Contessa

Just a quick note to tell you how well the Protect - a - Tow works. I've been using it between our Bigfoot motorhome and previously a Chevy Blazer, now a 2015 GMC Canyon for about six years. I used to put a custom front cover on the Blazer. It took 10 - 15 frustrating minutes to hook up and rubbed the paint in places. Your product hooks up easily in less than a minute and works 100%. We full-time now and the GMC has not had a single rock chip. The Protect-a-Tow keeps the towbar, cables, and wiring clean as well. You have a easy to use and very effective product. I would buy a new one, but it's just too easy to keep fixing, sorry. Don't take that as negative. Your product has made what we do a lot easier.

Matt S., USA

Thanks again for the fantastic service and support for your product. I received the replacement parts in the mail and had my problem solved in just a few moments. Having used the "PROTECT-A-TOW" for a number of years now, I would have to say it was one of the best investments I have ever made. The simplicity, ease of installation, durability and compact storage, make this a 'must' have for anyone towing a car.

David S.  British Columbia, Canada

Prior to taking a two month trip to Alaska, I purchased a Protect-a-Tow.  There were 5 motorhomes in our little caravan and I was one of three that was towing a vehicle.  At the end of the trip, my tow vehicle was the only vehicle that didn't have to have ANY windshield chip repairs! I credit my good fortune to your Protect-a-Tow product. Glad I found your product!
Barbara B., Bend, Oregon

Your product is all you advertise it to be -- simple, very effective and convenient.

David B., Illinois, USA

I purchased a Protect A Tow last year and have been very happy with it.  Thank you for making an excellent product, I believe it's the "best buy" in protection on the market

Harold, Missouri, USA

I just wanted to let you know that we love our protect a tow. We used it for the first time this weekend and everything worked beautiful. Thanks so much for your considerate customer service with their answers when I called.

Vernon and Christine S., Racine, Wisconsin, USA

I purchased the Protect-A-Tow earlier this year and just finished a 9000 mile trip to Alaska and back towing a Jeep Liberty.  I can't say enough good things about your product.  The first gravel road we traveled I noticed there was some small rocks laying on the underskirt and on the Liberty.  I had a full length, solid rock guard on the motor home that was throwing up debris through a small gap between the Protect-A-Tow and the motor home.  I took the rock guard off and had absolutely no problems after that.  My only regret is that I didn't take about a half a dozen new ones with me.  I could have sold every one of them!  It seemed I drew a crowd at many campgrounds with people that wanted to know where they could get one.  Easy on, easy off, and extremely effective.  Great product!!!
Bryce S, Lone Jack, Missouri, USA

This is the 25th anniversary of the Dempster and we went up for the summer solstice celebrations.  We made this same trip two years ago without the aid from Protect-a-Tow and we had to have $2000.00 worth of repairs done to our trailer when we got back.  I am pleased to report that we sustained no damage at all this trip thanks to Protect-a-Tow.  It works wonderfully and is easy to install and take off.  We recommend it highly and have suggested to our local RV supplier that he keeps them in stock.  

You might note that this trip was not made on the Alaska Highway which is paved all the way except for reconstruction but on the Demptser highway (Yukon highway 5) which goes from the Klondike highway near Dawson City 736 km North to Inuvik and is all dirt road, it has lots of loose rocks some as big as your boot. This is the only road access in Canada that crosses the Arctic Circle which makes it unique.

A happy customer
Gordon G. & Corliss B., Whitehorse, Yukon

This is one product that I can say really works.  I don't always travel on the four lane highway, sometimes its on a gravel road. What I experienced before Protect A Tow were stone chips and sometimes a broken headlight on my car.  With Protect A Tow, I have not experienced any of the former problems.  The car might get a bit dusty but there are no more annoying paint chips or broken head lights or stones cluttering the base of the front windshield. This is due to the wrap around effect between the motorhome to the front of the car.  One thing further, ICU stands behind their product and helps you out if you are encountering any difficulty.

Rick M. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

I have been towing a car for several years, But had not found a system that would stop stone and debris damage on the car or  motorhome. I first tried  a bra on the car, but found that stones would get caught under the bra and caused bad scratches on the hood of the car. I tried the plexi glass shield ,and found that it did, somewhat protect the car but the stones were than deflecting off the shield back on to the motorhome.  Since discovering Protect-a-tow I can honestly say that it has eliminated all of the damage. There is no way stones can hit the car or motorhome now. It only takes seconds to install and is compact to store.  I am totally satisfied with this product and encourage anyone who tows a car to check it out.

Ron C, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada.

First of all....Thank you for Protect-a-Tow.  We purchased our Protect-a-Tow at Village RV in Regina and have enjoyed damage free towing ever since.  It was as easy to install as you had stated in the easy to read instructions and it is so easy to store when we're docked. I will recommend your product to anyone who tows a vehicle.

Thank you, Carol P., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I am a full-time RVer. About a year ago, your Protect-A-Tow was recommended to me on a message board at the
Escapees RV Club web site. I purchased and installed your product on our 40' Allegro Bus.  Since then, we have driven to Alaska and back and have been extremely impressed with your product. In fact, every time we are around other rvers, they inquire about your product and I have referred at least 20 rvers to your web site.  I believe strongly in your product.

Thank you, Chuck and Sue C., Tennessee, U.S.A.

"I've read nothing but great reviews and comments about your product. It sounds just like what I'm looking for."

Chuck D. ,Spring Lake, Michigan, U.S.A.

"Thank you for the time and effort you put into making sure your product would work for me. Your efforts are appreciated."

Thank you, Richard K.  U.S.A.

We recently returned from the Okanogan towing our car. We traveled on gravel and paved roads using the Protect-A-Tow system. It did a remarkable job of protecting the car by blocking the rocks and debris, not like the nylon strand and rubber skirts that spend half the time flying up in the air. Hooking up the device only takes about a minute and it stores easily in its small bag. We are really glad we chose Protect-A-Tow for our car and would recommend it to others.

Thanks again.  Lloyd L.  St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

I am very pleased with the product, installation and results. The cited website has a number of excellent pictures showing the device installed as well as a comprehensive FAQ section. My own installation looks just like the pictures shown. I talked with the manufacturer directly and had all my questions answered before purchase. Delivery from the factory was quick and everything about the transaction was professional. Best features about the system are: effective, simple installation and hookup, and ease of stowing when not in use.

North Carolina

Our Protect-A-Tow saved our Jeep and the back of our motorhome on our trip through Alaska. You and your company are the BEST thing that ever happened to motorhomes and tow vehicles!

Thank You,

Donna Y., Albuquerque, NM

Just wanted to thank you for the customer service you provided while making our Protect-a-Tow. We used it on a trip through Oregon this past 2 weeks. We are very pleased with how it works. Now we can tow any of our cars, and not have to worry about covers for them.
Thanks again for your exceptional customer service. There really aren't other options that we could find to use with a tow dolly.
Edith & Duane

Well I finally had to order a new Protect-a-Tow after 5 years & 40,000+ miles of travel to Alaska, Canada's Maritime Provinces, SW US, SE US, & many places in between.  I have to say the product served us well & did a great job. I also very much like the way it stores so easily by just folding it back over the stowed tow bar & if moving the motorhome you can secure it more fully by hooking the car hooks back onto the motorhome hooks.

Dan W., Fox Lake, Illinois

Last week a Pick up truck with an unsecured load of garden furniture lost a chair while going south on the 5 near San Diego.  I wasn't able to avoid it and hit it straight on.  The chair exploded upon impact and I dragged the remains for at least a mile before I could safely get off the freeway.  My front fiberglass bumper on the coach has a couple holes in it but my toad was fine thanks to Protect a Tow.

Mike J., El Toro, CA

I wanted to follow up and report our satisfaction after using the Protect a tow for several months and towing 8000 miles. Not only have we significantly reduced the debris hitting our tow vehicle but Iíve noticed less dust on the rear of our coach and car and protection of my electric cables riding on top of the tarp. When disconnecting, I wrap the tarp back over  the tow bar and clip it to the coach; itís quick easy and temporarily holds the cables.  As a full timer that travels, this is important!  Of all the solutions on the market this is the easiest to use and provides great value.


Ted W., Livingston, TX

Just wanted to let you know that we used the new Protect-a-Tow screen yesterday and it was a perfect fit.  I believe that you shipped it on a Monday and we got it on Friday.  I want to thank you for the personal service and will highly recommend your product.

Harris B., Crossville, TN

I would also recommend the "Protect-A-Tow", I found the 'reps' to be very helpful and when we found a problem with the rear bumper and generator exhaust, they were willing to accept digital photos and researched the problem then developed the solution. They were quick to respond to E-Mail and were available by phone as needed. Delivery was prompt and installation was simple.

Denver, Colorado

We recently returned from the Okanagon towing our car. We travelled on gravel and paved roads using the Protect-A-Tow system. It did a remarkable job of protecting the car by blocking the rocks and debris, not like the nylon strand and rubber skirts that spend half the time flying up in the air. Hooking up the device only takes about a minute and it stores easily in its small bag. We are really glad we chose Protect-A-Tow for our car and would recommend it to others.
Thanks again.

St.Albert, Alberta

I purchased a Protect A Tow last year and have been very happy with it.  Thank you for making an excellent product, I believe it's the "best buy" in protection on the market.

Harold H., Columbiaville, MI


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